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The Pan-Canadian Joint Consortium for School Health is a partnership of 25 Ministries of Health and Education across Canada working to promote a Comprehensive School Health approach to student wellness/well-being and achievement/success for all children and youth.

Joint Consortium for
School Health


As a partnership of provincial, territorial, and federal Health and Education Ministries, JCSH works to promote student wellness and achievement in the school setting.

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Provinces, Territories, and
PHAC Resources


Resources from member
provinces and territories with
support from the PHAC.

Comprehensive School Health


Healthy School Planner


View the video
and the web site,
and then develop your
plan for improvement.

Positive Mental Health


Youth Engagement


Includes the Youth
Engagement Toolkit,
a 'how-to' resource
for Youth Engagement.

About Cross-Sector Collaboration

Resources and articles on working across disciplines, government sectors,
public/research/practice partnerships.

Education - Health Connections

Resources exploring partnerships to
improve young lives

Resources from Canadian Sites


Resources from organizations contributing to the School Health knowledge base from across Canada.

Student Education
and Health Data


Improving the lives of
millions of young people.

Resources from International Sites


Links to web sites and downloadable
resources from around the world.

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